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Graduate studies

As part of the Graduate School, the Department of International Relations covers the graduate courses of the department. Graduate students at Gyeongsang National University benefit from and contribute to the resources of one of the country's outstanding research universities. A distinguished faculty is strongly committed to research and teaching in such fields as of area studies, international organizations and international political economy .We welcome both Korean and international students, on a full-time or part-time basis. The final thesis can be written in either Korean or English, but graduates are expected to acquire basic skills in both languages.

The MA in Political Science is structured to enhance creativity and the exploration of new ideas in the field. Students participate in course work for three semesters and write their thesis with the help of their supervisor during their fourth semester. Courses are taught in Korean and English and cover a wide range of topics.

We warmly welcome doctoral students, please contact the individual professors for a suitable supervisor prior to application.

The department also participates in the Graduate School of Public Administration, , offering a major in Civic Leadership aim to provide students deeper insights into the workings of politics, political activities and participation in theory and practice. This course aims at recent graduates as well as practitioners from all strands of life.

In addition to the facilities of the university, students have access to a (shared) study room with computing facilities, as well as the library of the Institute of Social Sciences.

The department encourages the participation in seminars and conferences, and supports trip to such events.