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Welcome to the Department of Political Science

at Gyeongsang National University.


In 2013, the Department of Political Science at GNU celebrated 20 years of teaching, research and public service within one of the nation’s finest universities. Instruction in Political Science began on March 2, 1993 under the name of Department of International Relations. The graduate section continues to operate under this name, while the undergraduate section operates as Department of Political Science since 1999.

Today, the department is among one of the best in the country. Among the department's many strengths, we have gained notable distinction in international relations, and comparative politics, including political theory.

The department's greatest resource is its distinguished faculty, in spite of its small number. The faculty's teaching and research continue to put the program at the forefront of its field. They are graduates from prestigious universities in South Korea (Seoul National University), the United States (UCLA, University of Illinois and Tulane University), Australia (Australian National University) and Britain (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne).  In 2014, the department includes six faculty members from South Korea and Germany, two visiting faculty, and one support staff.  

We very warmly welcome international students and academic visitors to Jinju for international exchanges and discussion. 

The department's primary goal remains focused on the provision of the best possible education for students seeking to develop an expertise in the field of political science by instilling solid skills in research and analytic reasoning. The department inspirers to further students’ intellectual development and install civic responsibility in the students of the program. The graduates will be able to enter in diverse realms of society including public administration at national and local level, political parties, law, and the media, just to mention a few. Typically, graduates find work in local companies and administrations, while a number continues their studies at post-graduate level at prestigious universities nationally or overseas.


Our graduate program is structured to enhance creativity and the exploration of new ideas. In addition to Korean students, we have also welcomed graduate students from various countries in the Americas, Asia, Middle East, and Africa. Most of them are supported by governmental scholarships.